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Persone ActionAid

Una squadra di professionisti.

La nostra organizzazione ha vissuto un’evoluzione continua nella struttura: negli ultimi anni siamo cresciuti per dimensioni ma anche per aree di attività in maniera flessibile e graduale.

In Italia siamo presenti con due sedi:
Milano e Roma.

The ActionAid Switzerland Association was incorporated on 18 February 2013, in Lugano, with the aim of combating poverty and social exclusion in all parts of the world. 


Giulio Gianetti. He is the legal representative of the association and ensures the fulfilment of all administrative and legal obligations. Appointed by the Steering Committee, the Chairperson is formally elected by the Shareholders' Meeting. His mandate has a duration of 3 years (extendable by a further term). He presides over the Steering Committee and the Shareholders’ Meeting, which he convenes and coordinates.

Steering Committee

Giulio Gianetti (Chairperson) - Marco De Ponte - Daniele Fusi - Zoe McAlpine - Rosario Gargiulo. The body that manages the association and decides on the admission of new members. It must consist of a minimum of one to a maximum of five members, who remain in office for 3 years, extendable by a further term. As required by ActionAid International's Governance Manual, one of the members of the Steering Committee is a representative of the international federation. By statute, the Steering Committee meets at least once every 6 months and is convened by the Chairperson or by the majority of its members.

Shareholders’ Meeting

ActionAid International Italia Onlus - Marco De Ponte - Daniele Fusi - Giulio Gianetti - Sofia Maroudia - Rosario Gargiulo. The highest body of the association and, as such, decides its political and programmatic strategies, identifying the general guidelines and goals deemed necessary to achieve the statutory objectives. It meets at least once a year to approve the financial statements and each time a motivated request is submitted. The Shareholders’ Meeting is convened with the presence of at least half plus one of the members and passes resolutions with the majority of votes of those present. Each member has the right to one vote.



The auditor is elected annually by the Shareholders’ Meeting to check the association’s accounts. Currently, the auditor is the Trust Company Consultancy Siron SA.